Buying Coupons from a Clipping Service

Coupon Clipping Services Tips You Need to Know Before Buying

If you watched Extreme Couponing on TLC, you probably heard something about buying coupons from a clipping service. One of my readers noticed that the show didn’t factor the cost of purchasing coupons from a clipping service into the total cost of the groceries. Of course, they didn’t include this cost as it wouldn’t be as sensational if they added in the actual costs! This cost should always be added to the total cost of your shopping trip.

There are times when purchasing coupons from a clipping service can be beneficial. Instead of buying additional newspapers to get a high value coupon, you can purchase what you want from a service like Coupons Things by Dede. Coupon prices range from $0.05 and up depending on the value and availability of the coupon.

Why would you want to buy from a clipping service?

  • To get additional coupons to stock up during a super sale.
  • To save time by having the coupons already clipped for you.
  • To get just the coupons you need instead of buying newspapers to get every coupon – many of which you don’t need.
  • To get coupon values that aren’t available in your area. Since coupon values are regional, your area may just get a $0.35/1 coupon but another area might get a $1/1 coupon.

You can also purchase full inserts. I’ve purchased whole inserts when I didn’t get my paper and coupons I knew I would use from Coupons Things by Dede and have been pleased with the speed of service and total price.

Some tips when Buying Coupons

  • Expiration Date. Make sure you will have time to find a good sale to pair your coupon with before the coupon expires.
  • Restrictions. Check to see if the coupon has any restrictions on it like not doubling, one per person, etc.
  • Shipping Schedule. Check the site to see how quick they ship your order.
  • Never buy printable coupons as you don’t know if they were copied. Also, you can probably print those coupons out yourself at sites like,, or

Where to Order?

  • Coupons Things by Dede
  • Coupon Clippers
  • Buy through Ebay. Use Big Crumbs, Mr.Rebates, or Ebates to shop through Ebay to earn a percent back on your purchase.
    • When Purchasing through Ebay be sure to look at the seller’s feedback to check past history! I always like to buy from someone with high volume and a high percent of feedback – 99% or better!

Have you purchase coupons before? What is your experience?

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7 responses to “Buying Coupons from a Clipping Service”

  1. I am currently selling coupons. Whole inserts and clipped individual coupons. I am new at this as I coupon to buy food for my grandson and myself but thought I would try selling some of my excess coupons to make money for the holidays. I have no website so here’s my email address.

  2. I have noticed on 3 of the more recent episodes when the camera shows the computer at the register’s total, anybody ever notice the form of payment other than cash that are being used? Food Stamps. They don’t mention that either when showing costs on the show..

  3. What I wonder about is how did that one lady get the extra inserts left over from stuffing papers delivered to her door? I love to coupon but it is not my whole life. Some trips I do awesome, some I dont save as much. also around here if I wanted to check out with as much stuff as they had I would have to break my order up into about 30 orders since most of the stores here will only double the first 2-3 coupons 50 cents and under. The rest are redeemed at face value, Honestly, one bottle of mustard lasts my family about a year, so what would I need with 77. Great that they are able to save that much but I dont see the point in clearing shelves. I also think that some stores will start to change their policies now that they are making this public and then everyone loses.


  4. I noticed they also didn’t say how much she spent on ink and paper for her printer. I hate it when you’re just printing one coupon from a site and they have a full color ad that they print before the coupon!!! I’ve learned to use the printing preferences so it only prints in black and gray and also use the back of the paper.
    Generally I save 20-40 % on a shopping trip. There are no stores around me that double $1.00 coupons,except on special occasions some of the stores don’t even double when it’s under a dollar. Thanks for the great web site,I wait for your posting every day!

  5. I use and I’ve had many great transactions over there, the shipping is the cost of a stamp and the prices are reasonable.

  6. Briana, Thanks for this post. I watched tonight and wondered about clipping services, I’ve not looked into it myself but may for certain items. You made a good point about the show not factoring in the cost of inserts, I also think about the value of a person’s time – the first lady was at the store for 6 1/2 hours, how much is her time worth?!