How to Freeze Corn

How to Freeze Corn

Every year, the farmers plant a very nice patch of sweet corn in my grandma and grandpa’s field. Usually too much as everyone in the family can pick it over. We hate to let any of it go to waste and of course, it is free!

Yes, this much corn is a bit scary. What do you with it? How will we ever have time to freeze it all?

Get the entire family involved is our answer!

First the older kids shucked the corn.


Then we boil the corn for around 5-6 minutes.

Pot for Corn

When you remove it from the boiling water, immediately pour it in a bowl or sink full of cold water iced down. Usually, I will remove it from the boiling water with tongs so I don’t have to wait for a new pot to start boiling.

Ice Bath for Corn

After a couple of years of cutting the corn off with a knife, we found this thing called the Pampered Chef Corn Cutter. It’s a lifesaver. Bryan always cuts the corn because he knows I’ll probably chop off a finger or something so he was thrilled when I bought one of these. “The person who invented this was a genius,” is what he told me.

This literally shaved off so much time on our process.

Removing Corn from Cob

Hannah was in charge of bagging the corn and getting ready for the food sealer.

Bagging Corn for Freezer Corn

Sofia just appears to be helping…really she was just dipping her hair in everything! (Totally kidding about the hair but she was really only there looking pretty!)


Then I prepared the bags for sealing!

Food Saver for Corn

Then I used our Food Saver, which is a life saver/space saver when we are freezing in batches, to make the bags of corn. You should note I have the cheapest Food Saver model possibly made, which still works well but I would love to invest in a fancier model in the future.

Corn in the Freezer

Earlier in the year, we did about 20 bags of corn. This round, we did around 40 bags of corn! So 60 bags of corn total, which should last us more than a year!

I will be sharing my signature corn recipe, which is a highly requested item at all pitch ins on the blog soon!

9 responses to “How to Freeze Corn”

  1. my corn always Turns out with no flavor, not crispy …””just blah. I have blanched it and even tried just husking and freezing with the same results. What Am I doing wrong?

  2. Wow that looks really easy. I usually use Ziploc bags for freezing but your food saver looks like a good investment.

  3. I freeze corn every year. I put my in ziplock bags and I add butter and salt and pepper to the corn. Then all you have to do is to warm up the corn and it is ready to eat.

  4. I love to freeze corn…but I leave it on the cob, so need to worry about all that work of cutting it the cob! I blogged about it last week if you want to check it out!

  5. I think I’m heading to get some corn. There is a place near Tipton that sells produce at a great price, but you do have to drive there! The corn is in. I never understood how those corn cutters worked. My son has his front teeth out and corn is so funny this summer for him. Briana – your girls are so pretty. Hannah looks like you and Sophia is a doll. Your hair comment was cracking me up!

  6. When I was growing up this is exactly how we would freeze corn. It always seemed like an endless process. Especially the boiling and cooling part. It was always a mess dealing with all the ice and water then trying to keep from getting to much water in the corn after taking it out of the ice bath. It was a headache! A few years ago we decided to for-go the boiling and icing of the corn. We shuck, wash, and cut off the corn. Then we grab a large microwave safe container and fill it up. We put it in the microwave and cook it just long enough for the entire bowl to be heat through and we dump it into a dishpan or tub that will fit in the refrigerator. Once we have microwaved all we have and dumped it into the pan we put it in the refrigerator until the next morning. After it has cooled we put it in ziploc bags and stick it in the freezer. We avoid getting any excess water by cutting then cooking, rather than cooking and icing. It tastes fresh off the cobb when we eat it in the cold of winter!

    • Yes, you could just put it in Ziploc freezer bags or regular bags (double bagged). I’ve done it that way in the past too.