10 Reason I Love to Shop at ALDI

Oh, ALDI, there are so many reasons I love thee. How do I even begin? I’ve always had my eye out for ALDI because of their low prices but my real love affair with ALDI didn’t start until after last year’s trip to ALDI, where I was able to participate in the Switch & Save event in the ALDI test kitchen.  I’ve since become a super fan girl like Kristen (The Frugal Girl.)  Since that trip, we do 75% of our grocery shopping at ALDI. Let’s talk about why I love the ALDI. Yes, I meant to type “the ALDI”.

My Top 10 Reasons I Love ALDI


The most obvious reason is the everyday low prices you get at ALDI. No coupon clipping, sale cycles, promotions. Just plain everyday low prices.


At ALDI you get great prices without sacrificing quality. I think our family has tried about everything offered in the store or close to it and we haven’t come across much that we don’t like. In fact, some of the items we like more than the traditional national brands. I have a super picky family and I can’t remember the last item I brought home from ALDI that the family didn’t like. In fact, my son says Savoritz crackers are his favorite.

Perfect Size Stores

I’m not sure how else to describe this but since the stores are smaller than traditional grocery stores and much smaller than the mega stores, I don’t feel overwhelmed stepping into the store. Anyone else feel this way when stepping into other stores. Too many choices on what brand or variety. I like the choices that ALDI offers and the fact that I don’t feel stressed out the moment I walk into the store. If a child needs to use the restroom, you don’t have to walk a mile to find one since it is at the most 4 aisles over. ALDI offers over 1,400 of the most commonly used grocery and household items. I find that we can get about everything we use at ALDI.


Special Buys are the most exciting part of walking into ALDI. The element of the surprise of  wondering what will the special buys will the store be offering. Special Buys are those items offered for a limited time or offered seasonally. Right now, I’m loving on the Pumpkin Salsa Special Buy. Last winter, we really enjoyed the spinach ravioli, which I hope comes back! There are also Special Buys on home goods, toys, and more. It keeps it interesting!


Yes, wine under $5. Delicious wine under $5. My personal favorite is the Riesling and the Sweet Red. Wine and beer selection could vary by region and store depending on local and state laws. My stores in Indiana do carry beer and wine.


Have you ever wondered if the cashiers were secret super hero cashiers? Well, they are! Part of the reason is the packaging of the products at ALDI have multiple access points for bar codes, which makes it quicker and more efficient when you check out.


Your vehicle is less at risk for cart dings because of their cart deposit policy. Obviously, this reduces the roaming cart issue in the parking lot because everyone wants their quarter back. Save you money while shopping and you can feel safe that your vehicle will not be attacked by a cart.


The low prices everyday on produce at ALDI are fantastic. They do often have weekly specials for even lower prices. For example, in the past we have taken advantage of the $0.99 pineapples, $0.99 strawberries, $1.99 Artisan salad mix, and many more deals. Often I get a little carried away with the fresh produce deals.


No risk  to try anything at ALDI with the double guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with a product for any reason, they will not only refund your money but also replace the product. Do you know of any other store that offers such a generous guarantee? Luckily, I’ve never had to take advantage of this as we have loved everything we have ever purchased from ALDI.


Like it or leave it, at ALDI you can save money by bagging your own groceries. Personally I enjoy this because I actually remember my reusable bags when I’m headed out on a ALDI trip and I like to bag my groceries in a particular way. I like to pack my bags in the way that I will unload when I get home to save time when unpacking. So I put all the refrigerator items, freezer items, canned goods, etc. in the same bag.


No need to head to the regular grocery store to get that delicious Hazelnut Spread that won’t be named because you can get it at ALDI. The last time I purchased it in my store it was $4.99 but others are saying it is only $1.99 like pictured below at their store. What’s the price at your store?

Did I miss any reasons? Are you an ALDI shopper?

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  1. 13

    Kimberly says

    Hi there it is good to know about all the good stuff they have there. I will be going there this week hoping to get on some of these thanksgiving deals so that I can stock up. I am also excited to hear about the agave nectar..my dad loves my tea but since he can’t have a lot of sugar we use it instead.
    The chips there which ones are good to get I’m fairly new only been a handful of times.my son loves there fruit snacks and fruit. :) thank you for all the awesome information..

  2. 17

    Beth Huntington says

    The Hazelnut and Chocolate spread is $1.99 in Connecticut, too!
    The Artisan lettuce mix is always $1.99; it is not a special buy at that price.

    I buy everything except two products at Aldi- they do not have sugar-free Ginger Ale, which I love. Although they do have vegetarian specialty pizza and Boca burger in the summer, I am vegetarian and do go to a mega-store for my “fake meat”. Other than that, if Aldi does not have it, I do not need it.

    We have not yet bought a product that we don’t like as well, or better than, the national brand.

    My votes for best buys are:

    10) CEREAL! It is the exact thing as the national brands, but cost from $1.79-$1.99 per box.

    9) Savoritz crackers- HUGE savings. The Pita Crackers are my fav.

    8) Produce! It is always fresh and the prices are far-lower than anywhere else PLUS, it is washed and packaged. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve observed, in the mega-store, people touching the produce, dirty handed little children (who do not know better) coughing and then touching fruit. I much prefer the Aldi way.

    7) Blarney Castle Cheese- this is a regular at my Aldi. It sells for $2.99 per Ireland-packed block (forget the size). Before Aldi, I had to get it at the most-expensive mega store and I paid $7.99 for the exact same product: same name, same cheese. I save $5.00 on this one item alone!

    6) Aldi coffee. The best. It tastes exactly like Dunkin Donuts. EXACTLY. They even have K-Cups at about half price as at the other stores.

    5) Lumere shampoo and conditioner- for $2.89 each, this duo reminds me and my 21-yr-old daughter, of Biologie. We stockpile it.

    4) How about the 99 cent loaves of bread? Yes, whole wheat bread for 99 cents a loaf.
    They also have some gourmet-type loaves for $1.89.

    3) Frozen pies! Apple, Wild Berry, Pumpkin can all be purchased frozen so you bake it at home. The pies are loaded with fruit and flaky crust. The go from the box to the oven. Fifty-five minutes later, your house smell great and you have a pie that is as delicious as a bakery pie.

    2) Christmastime at Aldi- During this time of the year, Aldi has an impressive variety of high-quality European chocolates and other European favourites. The special buys include brand name toys. I bought a Disney Baby Princess (licensed by Disney) for $7.99. This Princess is so hot this year that she is selling for $25.00 upward on the internet auction sites. I can hardly believe that I was able to purchase her, and Baby Elmo Has a Cold, also $7.99.

    and my number ONE reason I shop Aldi is Clancey’s Vegetable Chips!
    Try them if you have not.
    They are amazing.

  3. 18

    Kristal Smith says

    I have heard nothing but amazing comments about that Hazelwood spread! Lol! That’s definitely a great price! Glad you are having fun at the ALDI event, love reading your blog! We had the pumpkin cheesecake last night and just an FYI–I have added it to my favorites list!

    • 19

      Briana Carter says

      I always have a fun time with I go to ALDI! :) Love that place and all the new things they have almost each time I go! I know the Hazelnut spread was GONE in just a few days and I didn’t have ANY of it! Kids ate it right up! :)

  4. 20

    Amy says

    Oh I love Aldi too! My husband was diagnosed with Celiac disease 9 months ago, and our grocery bill nearly tripled… yikes!! We just moved to a town with an Aldi! Hooray!

    Aldi does an excellet job with labeling gluten free products! It is so much easier to figure out than at the grocery store where half of the brands aren’t labeled and you have to look them up online. We have enjoyed hummus, canned beans, condiments, Jenny O Turkey burgers and turkey sausage, sliced cheese, lunch meat, and so much more that are all clearly labeled gluten free and are super cheap! Yea Aldi, I am so glad to have our grocery bill reasonable once again!

    • 21

      Briana Carter says

      Thanks Amy! I actually had a question on my Facebook page about the selection of gluten free products. Glad you are loving ALDI too! :)

  5. 22

    Roxana Guy says

    I love Aldi’s, too! Didn’t know about the Hazelnut Spread, but I will look next time. I did one time score Strawberries for $.49/lb at Aldi’s, so watch for killer deals early in the seasons with all their produce. $.39 carrots are also awesome as well as 5lb russet potatoes for $.99!

    • 23

      Briana Carter says

      That’s an AWESOME deal on Strawberries! And I agree about the $0.39 carrots! It’s hard to go to other groceries store and stomach their prices…that is for sure!

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